Coping in the Countryside – Post Lockdown

Andrew Bloomfield, Senior Warden at Holkham Estate tells us what is now happening on the Estate as lockdown eases - the countryside is open to all and everyone wants a piece of it. Being locked up and told not to travel is something few in this country have ever experienced and now seems the time to get out there, enjoy the open spaces, flock to the beaches, explore those green lanes and take in all that fresh air. It is good for the soul without question. And this is where the population has become divided. For those that work in the countryside, be they farmers, wardens, rangers, game keepers or simply those that just care, have had to face another seemingly country wide pandemic that for many of us is even more apparent than the results of the often-fatal coronavirus. Rubbish: litter from day trippers on a scale that again most of us would have deemed unimaginable, has become the norm. It shows a total disregard and lack of care and respect for the beautiful places large numbers of people are now descending upon. 
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