Osmotherley Toad Patrol

Celebrate World Wildlife Day #WWD2020 by getting involved in a toad patrol. 
As part of data gathered for Froglife Steve Rogers coordinates Osmotherley Toad Patrol in North Yorkshire; operating since 2002 along a 2 km stretch of minor road to the west of Cod Beck Reservoir. The aim of a toad patrol is to reduce the amphibian casualties as they try to cross a road during their spring breeding migration. In addition to Common Toads, Common Frogs and Newts (in our case Palmate) are also encountered. 
Numbers of amphibians are forwarded at the end of the season to Froglife who have a “Toads on Roads” project to collate data from across the UK. This enables Froglife to research population trends. 
Find out more and see if there is a patrol in your area here