Celebrating the #PowerOfYouth this #iwillWeek

Young people aren't just the leaders of tomorrow. They have the skills, energy and ideas to change society for the better today. That's why the #iwill campaign, comprised of over 10000 organisations from across the UK, aims to make participation in social action – such as volunteering, campaigning or fundraising - the norm for young people aged 10 to 20.

Young people are passionate about the environment. In their communities, young people want to feel safe and proud of spaces in which they spend time and socialise with family and friends. On a global level, young people are worried about environmental challenges that threaten their future. Results from the National Youth Social Action survey show that there is a strong appetite from young people to engage in environmental social action, particularly to protect animals and wildlife. By utilising their talents, entrepreneurialism and creativity, young people can and should be a key part of the solution to environmental threats.

To coincide with the Government’s plans to make 2019 a “Year of Green Action”, this year the #iwill campaign has launched #iwill4nature: a partnership between young people and organisations to grow participation in high quality environmental youth social action. We want organisations to understand and champion the vital role that young people can play in supporting and improving the environment, and to embed youth social action into their work and long-term strategies.

To find out more about how you can support green youth social action, visit www.iwill.org.uk. You can also join forces with #iwill campaign partners to celebrate the #PowerOfYouth during #iwillWeek, 18-24th November, where organisations and young people from across the UK will be shining a spotlight on the variety of ways in which young people are making a positive difference to others and the environment. To find out more on how you can you get involved, visit https://www.iwill.org.uk/iwill-week-2019