Going social to boost your advert coverage.

Everyone's doing it - spending all their time on social media, walking around so engrossed in what's on their phone that they walk into lamp posts and fall into water features.

So why not take advantage of that and place your advert right in front of them?

We're not advocating paying lots to the social media giants for not much return but suggesting that you let CJS do it for you.  For a few years CJS has offered options to increase your readership by taking additional promotion options in the form of text promotions and Job of Day where details of your adverts are sent around our social media streams in greater detail.  In addition to these options, we're now offering a full social media package where we will post details of your advert to a carefully chosen selection of relevant groups and pages.

Does it work?
Amazingly well!  We've been trialling a few adverts to see if it's an option worth offering and we've found that it more than doubles interest in our core subjects like ecology and countryside management.  For some of the lesser performing roles such as GIS and data management the stats show that interest increases by at least 25%.   

Don't believe us?
Well check out these google analytics and bit.ly link tracking numbers.

Now the big question…. How much does it cost?
The new social sharing package is only £75 per advert.
The basic text promotion (across our social streams) is £25 per promotion.
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