Happy New Year everyone!

We hope everyone had a good Christmas break and that Father Christmas brought you everything you asked him for (you did write didn't you? Gasp - you didn't? Well, of course you didn't get your heart's desire this year but there's always next year)
The CJS Team is actually delighted to be back in the office* and ready to go….
The inbox is overflowing, the press releases and newsfeeds number in the tens of thousands.  It's all hands on deck.  We'll make our way steadily through the messages and get back to everyone in due course, please bear with us if we're not quite as swift as usual or if you get the answerphone when you phone.  The first jobs have started to go live and updates should start filtering through soon.

*it's been a strange break which included: two funerals, a wedding, visits to A&E, calls to 111 and a possibly written off car!