Email problems - updated

We're experiencing some email problems.
Some of the forms on the website are not submitting properly; when you click submit it looks like they've gone through but the information is not always arriving here.  However, the worst problem is that our emails are not reaching everyone (including other team members!) and quite a lot are being marked as spam and eventually being found in the junk box.   Therefore if you've filled in a form or sent us an email and not received a reply from one of The Team within a couple of hours of sending / submitting please check your spam box and if you don;'t find a reply from us either phone us on 01947 896007 or email us again on our backup address of - that one seems to be reaching us.
It seems to have started at the end of last week and been getting steadily worse. 
Our webhosts are looking into it and we have our fingers crossed that it's a simple fix.

Wednesday 13 September 
So it's not a simple fix! 
Email problems continue - not as bad as before, we don't think, but there's still a chance our email  / reply might end up in your spam folder.  We've also had a few emails rejected / quarantined.