Now published: CJS Focus on Volunteering in association with The Conservation Volunteers

39 pages in total, the lead article is from The Conservation Volunteers; TCV Green Gyms have taken advantage of a new “Speed-volunteering” app recently launched by the Mayor of London, they talk about how the initiative is working. Adding further information about this is Team London providing further examples of speed volunteering in the conservation sector. Capturing Our Coast (CoCoast) is the world’s largest ever coastal citizen marine science project. SAMS are involved in Scotland and give some further details. Volunteer’s hard work needs to be recognised. Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust realise that and in an article for CJS Focus they explain how they thank the army of people who give up their time to help at Rutland Water. Lee Valley Regional Park Authority’s Jessica Whitehead talks about the benefits of recruiting retired people and the many skills they can bring to conservation. Lower Mole Countryside Trust now funds and provides support to other local conservation charities but it wasn’t always like that. Helen Cocker details some of the history of the Trust and how it evolved. Trainees can provide many things to a wildlife charity including a boost in moral and extra capacity. Dorset Wildlife Trust explains why they think it’s worth offering traineeships. Have you ever thought about offering an apprenticeship but not known where to start? Apprenticemakers share some information about the ins and outs of recruiting an apprentice. Prince's Countryside Fund offers financial support to organisations in the countryside, read about how Sussex Wildlife Trust and one lucky Trainee has benefited from a grant from the Trust. Microvolunteering as a concept has grown in popularity over the last few years as time for volunteering has become less and less. Microvolunteering Day highlights the opportunities for organisations to benefit from this type of volunteering, read about some of the ways in which you can make it work for you. Read it here