IT Gremlins

OK, we knew it was too good to be true!
They have been very quiet for a long time but they're making up for it today...

Our local web host has outgrown their server capabilities and is the process of moving everything from box A to box B  (not really but it might as well be), the website has survived in tact and so far everything is going as is should but the emails are another matter.  At around 7pm on Monday they disappeared, nothing into the inbox after that, we replied to everything as normal this morning and we think it all disappeared into the ether to arrive in the right places but we didn't get any replies.  It was only when I tried to send our Christmas card to advertisers and couldn't connect that we found the problem quick check showed the scale of the problem. A quick phone call to IT who were "fighting fires" as most of their customers had lost email, details were being collected to be passed up the chain to the people with the hardware.  A work round was created and emails were visible again but there were 20,950 messages! No, that's not a typo it really does say twenty thousand, nine hundred and fifty messages, apparently the mail server on our main mail box (but not the others) had been keeping a copy of everything and it was now being recognised as new mail. A heart stopping moment when the inbox was 'purged' with dire warnings of this cannot be stopped or undone and then it seems to be behaving as it should - kinda -ish. No autoresponders and only collecting mail every 20 minutes or so but better than nothing.

We're hoping this is their last fling before they're sent off to help the elves wrapping up all those Christmas presents.

If you've emailed us this week and not heard back from us please contact us again (use our backup email of