We want to know your deepest, darkest thoughts....

Despite Hallowe'en being just round the corner we don't really want your thoughts on vampires, werewolves, ghosts and pumpkins or even on whether the UK should remain in the EU or what you'd like to do to people who leave illegal traps.

But we do want to know what you think of CJS.
We're launching our reader surveys today.  

It's only by knowing your opinions that we can meet your needs, we really do read every survey returned and previous surveys have influenced major changes to CJS such as altering the range and type of vacancies we advertise and a complete overhaul of the online Training Directory.

They're quite in depth with 40 questions in the survey but we're not asking you to write an essay (unless you feel like it of course), most are all tick box options so they won't take you too long, no more than 10 minutes we think.  To thank you for taking the time we're offering free  editions of CJS Weekly and the chance to win a copy of the British Wildlife Photography Awards book or a year's membership of the Mammal Society; not only that but everyone who completes the online survey is rewarded with a 25% off your first year's subscription to Mammal Society.

If you're a subscriber to CJS Weekly there is a separate survey for you to complete as well, complete with more prizes, follow the links in Friday's edition or on the confirmation page of the online survey.

So tell us what you'd like to see and change the future of CJS and maybe win yourself some lovely loot in the process.

Start the online survey here.