That's it for another year...

They said it was summer, I'm not convinced I think it might have been autumn in disguise!  Well, whatever it was it's done now, the children are back at school, the coach trips are starting up again, and everyone is back to work reminiscing fondly over 'summer' holidays and barbeque mishaps. If you'd like to get out from behind the desk and into the great outdoors again either just for a day or on a more permanent basis you can make a start by reading the most recent CJS Focus.

CJS Focus on Volunteering, August 2015 - details of this edition

There are lots of wonderful stories and suggestions of things to do and of course plenty of opportunities for volunteers on long term placements as way of starting in the sector and also for people needed just for a day or two or even an hour or two at a time.  People are needed from all walks of life to help the organisations in their many varied tasks
  • Ranger
  • Walk leader
  • Wildlife Guide
  • Gardener
  • Pin box minder
  • Tree nursery helper
  • Travel champion
  • Whale watcher
  • Bird care assistant
  • Balsam basher
  • Path checker
These are just some of the many roles available.

So, whatever time you have available, whatever you're good at or fancy giving a go there's bound to be something to suit in one of the over 120 adverts; they're available across the whole country too.

Read it here: 

Looking forward:
We're open for suggestions for articles for future editions too, the next CJS Focus for November is already in the works but the one after that will be looking at volunteering once more and is due for publication in February 2016.  Any ideas for subjects for 2016 are welcome too.  Send your thoughts, suggestions or even offers of articles to Amy at