Now published: CJS Focus on Urban Environment in association with Love Parks

22 pages in total this Focus in association with Love Parks highlights the urban environment. The lead article from Love Parks highlights some of the work the campaign is involved in across the UK. Heritage Lottery Fund draws up some of the main points from their ‘State of UK Public Parks 2014’ report and gives details of how they want to assist in the future. Nesta’s Rethinking Parks programme is a real boost to the Parks sector read about some of their projects and ideas. Birmingham City Council created the first new city centre park in Birmingham for 130 years in 2012, read about the process they went through and see how successful it has been. Community involvement is an important addition to urban environment management, Caring for God’s Acre (CFGA) discuss some of the ways in which they encourage the local community to care for their local space. The importance of urban gardens as wildlife habitats has been much played down over the years. The Wildlife Gardening Forum aims to change that and gives some information on what they are doing to raise the profile of gardens. Natural England pick a couple of points from their MEBIE2 report and give some examples of evidence of the good urban greenspace can do. A long list of the benefits of trees is provided by Treeconomics who then go on to detail how benefits can now be determined in economic terms. greenspace scotland have a large number of resources available to green space managers, they give information on two of their current projects. Henry Barnard is kind enough to run us through some of the issues he encounters as an urban Countryside Ranger and we finish with an interview piece on the Greater London National Park campaign, is it a good idea or not? This edition also includes some adverts for products, projects, websites and services.