Social networking

It's all the rage.

We're on twitter as @CountrysideJobs and @CountrysideNews, on Facebook (twice, here and here) and LinkedIn, we have Pinterest Boards as well but these have been quiet for quite some time however someone has a new camera so they very well might get busy again!

As you'd expect we send out information about jobs we've advertised, voluntary positions available, snippets of information with helpful hints for job seekers but we also have a big and growing news presence too - tweeting an eclectic but countryside and wildlife related selection of news stories each week day. If you follow us on any of our networks you'll have seen (we hope) that  we now have our own unique short URL, it's this means that any link beginning with has originated from us even if it directs you to another site.

If you think we should be on any other networks, would like to see more or less of us any others please let us know, you can tweet or post to our page or even send us an email!  We love getting feedback and try to incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible.