The scent of summer

This week it has been warm and still with a heavy dew or light rain overnight meaning that in the mornings my nose is assailed by a bewildering array of aromas. The scent of rain on hot paving and newly turned earth, the glorious sweet elder blossom and pungent herb robert (stinking geranium).

The conifers smell green (OK, I know colours don't actually have a smell!), slightly resinous, the newly cut field is high with drying grass and fresh hay, the day lilies by the gate are muskily floral.  But there are some not so pleasant bouquets too, walking around the village the greasy woolly smell of slightly damp sheep is never far away. Apologies for waxing lyrical but I've been missing all of these smells for years because I had hayfever, but that's now under control thanks to a daily dose of local honey - it works much better than anti-histamines!

It's been slightly problematic collating the news this week, our main news aggegrator service has been under sustained DDoS attacks, the third wave hitting them this morning and on Wednesday our main twitter client went under for a short while too.   We think we've covered all the main news but may have missed some of the smaller items.

On a more domestic level HB had to go home early when Miss B was sent home from school with the tummy bug that's been doing the rounds, Master B succumbed over last weekend, AW's phoned home to warn the family not to overstuff the snotties - just in case....

Anyway, the latest CJS Weekly is now assembled, there are: 49 adverts for paid posts plus 14 for voluntary placements over 17 pages. Digital editions are live and emails on their way out, paper copies will be dispatched tomorrow as usual.

(PS, we're doing our best to ignore events in Brazil - the ball is the wrong size and shape for us! much to AW's relief)