Half term and it's "not busy", well not overmuch anyway...

Did you see the article on the Huffington Post this week about the applicant for a job a a museum who was called lazy by the employer?  She 'got her own' back by tweeting the whole sorry saga. 

It promoted us to add another entry into our occasional blog series, Musings on the Moor.
A how not to guide for recruiters and candidates, click through read our thoughts on it all.
And perhaps to avoid making similar mistakes have a look at our Helpful Hints pages, here.

Other than that it's been pretty not busy (don't mention the q word) here, AW is away spending half term with her littlies whilst HB is bemused, befuddles and bewildered by  the arrival of two small puppies into the household ("I now understand why you take a week off with new puppies" was all she said as she fought back yawns and struggled to get words in order).  Everything else carries on as normal or as normal as it ever gets.

One Weekly edition is now online and postal copies will be ready for dispatch before too long.  It's quite large this week at 21 pages including the Training Calendar for April. There are 59 adverts for paid posts plus 14 for volunteers.