Slight change

Details of a small change to CJS Weekly, specifically to the CJS Reference system; as promised on Friday.

Some people have said that the standard linage advert format is difficult to read.  We've used this layout since the first edition way back in 1994 but over the years we have received a few comments that it's a little unusual.  Which led us to consider a change to the standard linage adverts and asked for readers thoughts and feedback.  Only two people replied and they were both very happy with the layout, so we're going to assume that everyone else is too!  However, we have made a change to CJS reference,  changing the number from the number of new paid posts advertised to the number of adverts since the first edition of the year.  Now all adverts have a number including volunteers and training posts, which means we've had to change the source coding too.  Here's a breakdown of the new style CJS Reference. 

The anatomy of a CJS Reference
Every job advert carried in CJS Weekly has a unique reference you'll find it under the REF heading – no surprise there then!
There are three parts to each reference:

Adverts from sources other than CJS are credited back to source.  Adverts for volunteers have a V preceding their advert number, a T is for training placements.  All contracts open for tender have a C before the advert number.

Reasons behind the reference:
We advertise many vacancies online and these often contain much more information than the bare bones you find in the Standard (free) Linage adverts.  Therefore, wherever you see the ONLINE reference it's a prompt to have a look at the website for more details and usually links direct to the advertiser's website for more information or to apply online. Online copies and downloads have a link on the CJS Reference direct to the full online advert. We also host job descriptions and person specification linked to the online adverts and some employers use an online enquiry form so the only way you can contact them is via the site.  If you don't want to check the site everyday you can sign up to the daily email update which contains brief details of every advert placed that day.

One other change.
Work patterns have altered over the last couple of years, as the website has grown and changed, as staff priorities altered.  Therefore, to make the office work load a little more evenly spread we are now sending your email renewal notices, payment receipts and welcome packs on Friday instead of Thursday.