It's beginning to a feel a little like...

No, not the C word we're in denial about that particular looming event - absolutely freezing is what!

Down to -7 in Goathland at just after eight this morning, I don't think it's got above freezing all day.  The bird feeders have been incredibly busy with finches queuing patiently - or not so patiently if you're of the gold variety - along the washing line.  At lunch time a flock of over 20 long tailed tits came to visit and Mr Marshy-Willow has been a a regular this last past week.  Unfortunately he won't sit still long enough to allow us to look for an identifying white spot on his beak marshy-willow he remains, for now.
However, we have been incredibly fortunate with regards to flooding, everyone has soggy gardens, muddy wet dogs, a swamp of a veggie garden, miserably sodden horses and pigeons that look like they've been dunked in a bucket of water but all property, animals and people have remained in one piece, slightly damp and very fed up with it all but mainly unaffected.  CMH's pottery class studio was in the middle of a tidal wave of mud that flowed down the hillside leaving a moraine over two feet deep right through the studio and the potters house too. But even that pales into (almost) insignificance when we look down at Whitby where today demolition was due to start on Aelfleda Terrace.
The rain has kept us indoors and busy with office things, we've added a lot of new listings to the Classified Directory and new courses to the Training Directory.
This week's edition of CJS Weekly has gone to print, 14 pages this week with 52 new paid posts of which 41 came direct to CJS plus fifteen adverts for volunteers.  And we do have to mention Christmas because this week's edition has the first pre-Christmas warning, just three more editions to come.  That funny noise is AW running screaming out of the office!