Chocolate, wet noses and holidays.

Did you know it's been Chocolate Week?  No, neither did we and we feel cheated, a perfect excuse to eat chocolate all week and we missed it!  Never mind one huge big chocolate cake on order for the weekend, not sure how that will last....
We could have done some extra chocolate too, Sub-Ed TB has been on holiday and everyone keeps sending us job adverts to be edited, don't they know we're too busy doing other things to deal with lots of jobs!!  I'm sure it will be lovely and quiet for the Team next week as I'm away for the week, taking a much needed break for some rest and recuperation after the travails of a poorly hound, who I'm sorry to report didn't make it through.  About half an hour after last Friday's posting he crashed and went into a form of toxic shock, there was nothing more we could do for him except make that final decision to ease his suffering. We've all been heart-sore and sorry this past week: huge hound, huge presence, enormous hole. We've written about his short life on Hebe's blog.
And apparently next week is the start of Pedigree's Wet Nose Week, We did clarify that it was dog noses and not children's noses, because AW says her daughters have, in the past, had wet noses for a week or even longer.  Office dog Hebe's nose is usually cold and is always very wet, as testified by the yelps from various team members when it nudges a bare elbow!  Office dog Maia has a lovely shiny strip of bare skin between her nose proper and her muzzle, a result of squirrel bites, but her nose too is usually cold and wet, however, her annoying characteristic is a 'woodle' -  sort of howl crossed with a yodel, if you phone us you might hear her in the background!
This busy week has seen an edition of CJS Professional and a large CJS Weekly, not much news, only three pages but four pages of training directory, 16 adverts for volunteers and 48 paid posts advertised of which 29 came direct to CJS all within the neat 15 page package. And the next edition of CJS Focus is coming together nicely as well, today being the deadline for adverts.