What happened to the job market in 2011?

Well, we've an idea - at least for the countryside sector. 
We've just completed the analysis of the vacancies we advertised during 2011.  Nothing too earth shattering, here are the main outlines:
  • Slightly fewer available posts than 2010.
  • Most vacancies were with charities and non-profit making employers.
  • The number for public sector employers fell again.  
  • No significant change in numbers of the main CJS type of job roles (rangers, ecologists, countryside officers and environmental educators).
  • Increase in the number of promotional posts, membership recruiters and similar.
  • Increase in the number of trainee and apprenticeships available.
  • More short or fixed term contracts and 
  • Fewer full time permanent posts.
Find out more by downloading our basic analysis document.