Someone's moved Christmas!

After cancelling merciful beheading and kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, The Sheriff of Nottingham declared "And call off Christmas!", well not quite but almost but the Government's moved it.
According to their website Christmas day falls on 26 December.
We were working on next year's calendar and needed to double check a few bank holidays and this is what greeted us:

Yes, that really does say Christmas Day 26 December! So one more day to wait then, phew and there we were panicking about the proximity of it all.

But back to today and your latest edition of CJS Weekly, all 15 pages of it is now online and ready to view, paper copies will be ready fro dispatch shortly.  This week there are 31 new paid posts of which 21 came direct, in addition there are 13 adverts for volunteers  and the Training Calendar for December (no mention of Christmas).

Office dog Hebe says she needs a break from the frantic pace of office life and is insisting on a holiday so her 'Bean'  will be missing too. Meaning the blogger-in-chief will be away and asks that you be kind the office staff, they'll be all alone, very busy and dogless for a whole week - either that or they'll be enjoying the boss-less freedom!