Hot Christmas Post

On the hottest day for months if not all year we received an email from Royal Royal Mail telling us that the last posting day for surface mail to non European countries to arrive in time for Christmas is today! Not really uppermost in out thoughts.
It was very strange last night to be indoors with all the windows open, sitting in shorts, looking out  at Jupiter in a dark sky and hearing the gabbleratchetting of a large skein of geese heading south. They sounded like they were greylag although they might have been pinkies it was a little difficult to tell.  The office windows have been wide open for the last couple of days, it really is most odd, we have a pasque flower with three blooms, one fully open and two in bud ready to burst any day all with a backdrop of faded sweetpeas.  We'll enjoy it whilst it lasts.
This is a shorter than usual blog post because we're a little understaffed today due to an outbreak of serious sniffles with an accompanying hacking cough and so there's still lots to do.  But the Weekly edition has gone to press, the electronic editions are online and emails have gone.  This week it's thirteen pages with 27 new paid posts of which 25 came direct.