Crickey me...

 The sky went dark, the gods started ten-pin bowling. "Save" went the cry.
AND then the heavens opened.
This is what they sent us - no that's not rain (well not on it's own) and no it's not photoshop either.
This is what landed (and is still arriving).  Very ouchful large hail stones.

And it was all going so well, the word from the sub-ed today was "mmmm" as three o'clocks New York Cheesecake ice cream was savoured. Indicating that all was well with the world and the weekly was progressing according to plan (with numbers). This week it's ten pages with 37 new paid posts (plus one overseas) of which 22 came direct to CJS. There are 10 volunteer ads too.  Print run is underway and digital editions are already available.
If you get the Weekly reminder email we hope you like the new style with the blog news (and sorry about the cascade on Wednesday - small technical glitch).