Numbers safely added

SubEd is still worried about the numbers, but this week we triple checked and they're all there.  However, there's something in the family, this morning (day off for teacher training) Master B, aged 7, gained access to the garden shed and somehow managed to spray his head silver, child-minding Granddad phoned to ask how to remove paint from hair, he'd managed to remove most of it from the face but the hair was proving a little more difficult!  Any ideas anyone?

The birds are still eating us out of house and home, recently joined by a squirrel (not for much longer if we can help it).  The weather has been alternating between sunny and showers this week, with a heavy downpour on Wednesday night, Wednesday was generally soggy all day and the Owl arrived on the wires for lunch but was gone by three o'clocks. With an eye on the future our first load of nicely seasoned logs arrived this morning.

But you want more recent news - OK, then this week's edition has gone to press, there are 14 pages this week with 44 new paid posts of which 35 came direct.  This week's edition is a little light on the news front (everyone is off at events and shows) but it does have August's training Calendar - and the CJS Focus on Outdoor Recreation.  Live for everyone else on Monday.