System overload

We've fallen out with our computers, or rather they've stopped speaking to us and keep "Not Responding". If only they'd tell us what we're doing wrong then perhaps we could stop offending them and they might start replying again. In the mean time threats of violence help to lower our collective blood pressure and appear to have some effect on the recalcitrant machinery.
On the plus side our new printer arrived this week, it's larger, faster and smarter (no the computers aren't jealous they started the silent treatment long before...!). The very first job was to print the February Focus, which was achieved in double quick time as was the Weekly edition which is one of the longer ones of this year at 14 pages. There are 68 new paid posts of which 59 came direct to CJS. This week's edition also has the March training calendar a week early because next week will have the April Calendar, from your surveys the majority of you wanted to see events and courses appearing in two months time. We listened and so next time round on 21 March we will publish the courses in May. And as if that wasn't enough there's also the CJS Focus on Volunteering all 27 pages of it - more of that on Monday when it will be live online for all to read. Until then we're scouting for suitable uses for hardware, doorstop is a current favourite along with water feature.