It's stopped

For now anyway, only a few flurries today to add to the 56 cm (that's 22 inches) already lying on the lawn. The outside temperature has now warmed up to -4c. The bird feeders have been busy and we now have three pheasants, the hen blackbird who sits on the bird table has fluffed up to football size today and hardly left the window. However, the roads are opening up again and post has been delivered and the collections office in Malton are hoping to make it to Goathland again tomorrow, so we will again sledge your CJS Weeklys up to the Post Office and then keep our fingers crossed. Needless to say with half the country closed it's not that big at six pages with 28 new paid posts, 18 of which came direct to CJS. And there's the second Christmas warning - only two more to go! (eek). Digital copies are now online and available.