Wet, wet, wet, dry(!), and wet

That's been the weather this week - pretty miserable. However, on the one dry day we did see a couple of house martins and there were some pipestrelles around at the weekend so it's not a complete washout - well, not yet any way. It's been a lovely week to be snug in a nice dry office so this week's edition of CJS is printing and will soon being put in envelopes ready for posting; another small one I'm afraid - not many jobs at the moment, there are six pages containing 26 new paid posts of which 18 came direct to CJS, there are also the news headlines from the week and an update on the latest additions to the Training Directory.

To cheer yourselves up and read about the exploits of Finnegan, the latest recruit to the office dogs. At six months old he's already 32inches at the shoulder, yep that's inches, nearly three feet (he does have four paws too!), big dog and still growing... He's an Irish Wolfhound pup and being both Irish (sorry Niall) and a hound he's a bit of an idiot. In fact he's the only dog we've ever known to be run over by a stationary car, want to know more, read Hebe's blog. We're still chuckling.