We've actually turned the heating on these last couple of days, it has turned decidedly autumnal, which as it's mid-September is only to be expected I suppose, there are still a few martins and swallows around but WWT reported the first large landings of Pink-foot geese this week so the year is definitely on the turn. (370 arrived on 15th at Martin Mere,
The new news section is getting lots of hits and the twitter stream ( is gaining followers and getting lots of re-tweets. Some of the Team are struggling a bit with the new development, there has been some intensive training going on accompanied by a chorus of sighs, especially from those new to twitter...!
On the more regular front the latest edition of CJS Weekly has gone to press and this week is 11 pages long with 31 new paid posts of which 16 came direct to CJS. It also has the Training Calendar for October. Digital editions are already available, group subscribers please remember this is the last week you can use the old details - if you've not received new log in details please contact us, this doesn't affect individual subs just group ones.