Weekly again

Where has the week gone? It's disappeared I really can't believe we've reached Friday again, so quickly, but it is so you'll be wanting your update on CJS. HB is, as I type, on her way for a family weekend away so AW has stepped into the time machine and is back working on the Weekly which she's not done for quite a while. Thankfully I've not changed too much in the interim so this week's edition is already online and is almost printed ready for dispatch. Monday's edition is eight pages plus five for next month's training calendar. There are 48 new paid posts of which 34 came direct to CJS, there is also information on next week's National Insect Week and some cheering news about the good fortunes for Ratty (water voles to non Wind in the Willows fans).
The bird feeders have been busy, our bossy Mrs Blackbird has brought her second brood out to teach them the ways of feeding on demand; we've also had a delightful visit from a family of marsh / willow tits (one day I really will learn to tell the difference) with a parent taking sunflower seeds and pecking them into smaller pieces before feeding two very demanding offspring who waited none to patiently in the hedge.