Another Weekly

We're not quite sure how because the IT problems persist and we're still trying to get to grips with the new software but at last the printers are rolling and the digital version has been uploaded at the umpteenth attempt! At least it's a little one this week otherwise we'd still be struggling, Monday's edition is six sides plus three for June's Training Calendar, on the jobs side there are 41 new paid posts of which 24 came direct to CJS. This week's fascniating feature article introduces the new Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (still no mention of agriculture in there I note).

It's been bitterly cold this week and lots of plants have suffered severe frost damage or even been lost, there are going to gaps in the garden and the veggie plots. However, today the office has been serenaded by a squadron of swifts screaming around the eaves - I hope they find suitable nest sites again. The bird table has been overflowing with everyone from Mrs Bossy Blackbird demanding food for her young(less one which ended up as dinner for a nest of sparrowhawks) to our friendly dunnock pair and even a few angry starlings. The feeders have provided vital food for all the finches, many tits and even the tree sparrows have been back.