Front Page news

in the local paper.

Well it got your attention. On Saturday evening there was a very large yellow Sea King RAF Search & Rescue helicopter flying round for quite a while. Turns out that some fool had been tombstoning down one of the many waterfalls, and damaged their back. This particular waterfall is notorious in the village and the footpath has only just been reopened this summer. For more see the Whitby Gazette. And much as we love to see the Sea Kings (lovely piece of machinery if a little noisy) please don't do anything so silly.

Juno (one of the office dogs) had a couple of lumps removed yesterday so she's a bit sore and grumbly today and is wearing a very fetching tee-shirt and one sock with a lampshade collar in reserve.

Tomorrow is the village Flower & Veg show, HB is the secretary so has taken today off to try to get organised (and bake enough cakes to feed the five thousand).

CJS Monthly went out as usual on Tuesday and should have reached everyone by now, CJS Weekly with September's training calendar is currently printing and will soon be on it's way to postal readers, digital copies already available. You're also getting the CJS Focus with this edition - more of which next week.

And for now that's it.