Busy birding.

There's something in the air.
Thunder and hail yesterday and today the dogs are behaving most oddly; Hebe is usually as mad as a box of frogs and this morning was even more crackers than usual, even Cara (the large hound) is acting strangely. All except Juno who's a little subdued she has injured her paw and had to visit here favourite veterinarian on Monday and is now on antibiotics.
We hadn't heard the cuckoo for several days but yesterday evening it was calling again. Lots of the garden birds were yelling too because the owl was sitting on the telephone wires again, looking thoroughly miserable and more than slightly soggy. And today it's been the turn of the swifts to be screaming around, our very own Springwatch right outside the window.
This week the Monthly has gone out and Monday's Weekly contains the July Training Calendar added to which we launched our facebook pages too.
We have two pages, one all about CJS at www.facebook.com/pages/Countryside-Jobs-Service/20284044858 but if you're not interested in our news (then why are you reading the blog?!?) and want to get straight to the action then become a fan of the CJS Jobs page at www.facebook.com/pages/CJS-Jobs/73274275980 So it's been a busy week all in all. The Weekly is currently printing, it's 11 pages plus five for the training calendar containing 60 new paid posts of which 29 came direct to CJS. As usual it's already online and paper copies are due on Monday.