Snow – what snow??

We've been warned all week, "Arctic conditions, heavy snow falls" . Yes, it's a bit colder, we've had a bit of hail but blizzards? No (well not yet anyway). I'm not sure I believe the met office any more, and one day there really will be some serious weather to contend with and we'll be ignoring them, cry wolf once too often…
We've been having fun and games with the wood stove the last couple of weeks, the soot plate (on the top of the firebox to stop the soot falling into the fire) keeps falling out and smothering the draft making the fire smolder. Three times we've let the fire go out to put it back. On Tuesday we left the stove to go completely cold, took the plate out, cleaned it and put it back – so far it's stayed put and the stove has stayed in.
Well the latest CJS Weekly is thundering off the presses, this week's it's 11 pages long containing 148 new paid posts of which 108 came direct to CJS. It also contains a copy of CJS Weekly Special Edition supplement.