Whopper of a Weekly.

This week's edition contains the monthly Training Calendar and the quarterly Special Edition. That's 10 pages of jobs, 4 pages of training information and 14 pages of information all about Habitats and Biodiversity. Watch the postie stagger down the path with your copy!
It was going to be a monster to prepare and stuff into the envelopes, not helped by the fact that our do-everything, massive, double-quick printing colour printer gave up the ghost after two copies! So it's been printed in chunks and then collated before being put in the envelopes, sorry if yours isn't in the right order, it's been a long week.
Next week we're shutting up shop for a day on Wednesday so everyone can squelch around in the mud at the local agricultural show but before then it's the village Flower & Veg show on Sunday, AW is polishing the marrows and stretching the runner beans…