Summer and hangovers

It's gloriously warm and sunny, the cuckoo has been heard, swallows, house martins and swifts have all been sighted – BUT it's a bank holiday so watch those storm clouds gather! (we hope not).

Mouse droppings were seen in the feed room (bins of bird, dog and guinea pig food are very tempting) and so the trap was dug out of retirement. Bait of peanuts and a wedge of bread doused in whisky (not the good stuff I hasten to add) was placed temptingly and next morning one wood mouse with a rather large hangover was released a couple of miles away and so far has not returned. Why wood mice in the middle of this tree-less desert called the North York Moors? Well, Niall claims they're rather slow and rather than run away or emigrate they watched all the trees being felled in the bronze age and are now sitting around waiting for the trees to return!

We're just about back to normal although we're still looking for an additional team member. Therefore, this week's CJS Weekly is just about to hit the presses, this week it's 10 pages of 71 new paid posts of which 29 came direct to CJS.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday, if you're interested in our vacancy you'll find details here.