Busy week draws to a close on a cloudburst

For the last couple of days the weather has been beautifully sunny and almost warm but as I type the heavens have opened and the rain is being hurled to the ground with some ferocity, there go the plans for a gardening weekend… never mind.

The new subs rates seem to be generally welcomed, the new shop is, so far, behaving, the pdf distiller is still causing problems (it seems to think A4 is the same size as legal letter) but with a bit of persuasion the end result is not dissimilar from the original. To cap it all one of our printers has decided it thinks everything should be in 3D! An engineer is on his way to fit it with the right sort of specs so that those of us with more normal vision can read the copy without getting a blinding headache. The other printers have machinefully shouldered the burden and are working overtime to ensure CJS Weekly is out on time. This week it is 14 pages with 122 new paid posts of which 74 came direct to CJS.