Equinox gales rage – oh and it's Easter too!

It's wild, windy, cold and painful (large hailstones) out there so we're staying put in our warm snug office. Yes, we know it's a Bank Holiday but we're here slaving away to make sure your copy of CJS is published on time. Electronic copies are already online, paper versions will arrive on Tuesday, unlike CJS Royal Mail doesn't work Bank Holidays. This week's edition is a bit smaller than last week at eleven sides with 68 new paid posts of which 29 came direct to CJS.

There's egg-citing news too (sorry) AW's geese have laid several eggs which are now being brooded but the fancy pigeon eggs hatched and then the chicks promptly died, still it was a first attempt so better luck next time.

The office has a new piece of artwork, a beautiful picture of a hare now adorns the chimney breast, way back in the mists of time KH's first business was called HareBrained so there is some harebrained logic in there somewhere. Did you know the easter bunny was actually a hare? The hare was a symbol of fertility and linked to the spring festival of Eostre (a saxon / Germanic goddess of fertility) from which came Easter. Want to know more? Click on to: http://landscaping.about.com/cs/pests/a/easter_rabbit.htm

Happy Easter from all at CJS.