The last CJS Weekly of 2007.

The frost still hasn't lifted and in some places has got thicker, it really is 'earth, as hard as iron' . The wood stove is roaring away keeping us all toasty warm and getting rid of some of the paper which is usually shredded prior to disposal into the bargain. It's been a funny week, frantically busy with the December edition of CJS monthly and preparations for the break, beginning work on the next Special edition but CJS Weekly is another small one, eight pages plus one for the Training Calendar. There are 51 new paid posts this week, 35 of which came direct to CJS and as this is the last edition of 2007 (where has the year gone?) we can tell you that this year we have advertised 4865 posts, a slight decrease on last year but we think that's because we've been more choosy in which ones to include in the digest.

Last online update on Monday.