Well what a week!

CJS Monthly on Tuesday was published as normal and is fully available online and was collected by the posties as usual on Wednesday so it should be with most of you by now. BUT just as were finishing off the broadband connection disappeared (6.42pm precisely). We were tired and frazzled so it was left until morning. Wednesday morning still nothing, BT were their usual helpful selves on all three occasions when we phoned on Wednesday – turns out the whole village was out and we still don't know why. Thursday a repeat performance so a quick call to the local paper prompted a swift call from BT press office and lo and behold a couple of hours later the broadband is back! And so far that's the way it has stayed – but there are no guarantees that it will remain as BT seem unable to tell us what the exact fault was. So we wait for the next time. To add to the fun and games the electricity supply for one our homeworkers was also out on Thursday, although we did know about that one. Anyway despite all the obstacles we have managed to keep updating the website and have produced CJS Weekly as usual and it is currently printing, 11 sides containing 89 new vacancies 53 of which came to CJS direct.