Well what a week.

The weather's never the same two days running and so much water and according to the forecast we've a soggy weekend in prospect – oh well. Another CJS Weekly hits the presses, 13 pages this week with 93 new vacancies of which 40 went sent direct to CJS. Already available online, paper copies will be with you on Monday – assuming the collection is made. Thinking of the post - CJS is making contingency plans for the Royal Mail strike action, you can keep up to date with what's going on either here on the blog or we've a dedicated page at:
Next week is going to be an odd one, on Tuesday we will be without power in the office so we've made arrangements to work from another office further up the valley but we won't be able to use our main data on the server (can't really move that!) so it’s just the basics for Tuesday and we'll catch up on Wednesday. I don’t think the lack of post on Friday will cause too many problems, CJS Weekly will be dispatched as usual and at the moment we believe it will be collected and delivered as usual.