Are you involved in your local greenspace? - #SelfCareWeek

a person sitting cross legged on the grass with eyes closed, hands rested on knees and finger and thumb touching in a meditative pose. Text reads: Are you involved in your local greenspace?
We have all by now heard about the importance of green spaces on our mental health and wellbeing, so why are so many of them under threat? This #SelfCareWeek we thought it would be a good time to hear from GoParks London. They are a part of London’s countryside charity, CPRE London that supports and funds the creation of ‘Friends Groups’ to adopt and nurture local parks working with councils & landowners to protect them for community use. They create an integral link for councils to understand the views of the community, and being the voice for the community needs to be heard. Want to help save our green spaces? 

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