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a person in a visitor centre showing a visitor a leaflet
Articles on: A day in the life of a National Park admin worker – Nicola is the Volunteering Support Coordinator at North York Moors National Park Authority; find out more about her typical day. 

Environmental Communications are so important – organisations need to be able to tell the world about the work they are doing to support nature, otherwise no one knows. Mark at Salar Media Services runs through the skills needed to be a good communicator. 

Jen went from setting the scene to working in green. With a degree in Stage Management and Technical Theatre, Jen never thought she’d end up managing Eastleigh Borough Council’s Itchen Valley Country Park – find out what she gets up to. 

Environmental Funders Network cover how to be a good environmental fundraiser – without funds no work for environmental protection can be carried out. 

Visitors are so important to countryside sites, we need to keep them happy, Sarah is a Visitor Centre Officer with Natural Resources Wales – find out about her day and see if a role like this would be of interest to you. 

Another support service that is essential to conservation is membership – looking after the members who pay to support your work. Learn from David at Birmingham and the Black Country Wildlife Trust what it’s like to work in this area. 

And last but by no means least, Groundwork run through their project support work. The boots on the ground may be doing the physical work but the project support team are essential in coordinating everything. Get some suggestions of how to manage project work from Lesley at Groundwork NE & Cumbria. 

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