Now published: CJS Focus on Working with Wildlife in association with The Wildlife Trusts

9 articles and 4 job profiles. 

The lead article is from The Wildlife Trusts and talks about the many ways you can work with wildlife, where to start & how to move around within the sector. 

Hazel is lucky enough to work with dormice at Wildwood Trust – we hear a bit about her route into the job and more about the dormouse captive breeding programme.

What about being a Reintroduction and Translocation Assistant? Stuart works for The Aspinall Foundation identifying projects where captive animals can be released back in to the wild. 

Lily broke into the wildlife filmmaking industry, and she tells you how and provides some advice.

Talking of wildlife filmmaking, Ric from Wildlife Film Network introduces us to the organisation and how it could be of use to you.

A job profile from Lara a Conservation Biologist & Wildlife Film Photographer. She’s had opportunity to travel looking at some of her photos. 

Is it a good idea to specialise? Eleanor from the British Dragonfly Society thinks so and tells us all about her job. 

Careers in wildlife rehabilitation, where to start and what to expect from Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

David is Engagement & Surveys Officer at the British Trust for Ornithology – his piece tells us about his experience of securing a job and tips to help you if that’s your chosen path.

Millie is a Senior Zookeeper with the British Wildlife Centre – find out about her job in this profile. 

Imagine having a job flying a Merlin. Gary gets to do this every day in his work at Hawk Conservancy Trust.

Another job profile, this time from a zookeeper – Section Head of Primates, Small mammals & Birds to be more precise. Natalie works at Cotswold Wildlife Park and tells us all about the things she gets up to. 

Michael used to be a postman but after being medically retired he decided to pursue his love of the outdoors as a career, going back to university and volunteering with lynx in Eastern Europe. 

The publication also contains job adverts, training & volunteering opportunities and details of an internship in London.   

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