Are you happy in your job? Do you wake up keen to get to work looking forward to what's on the agenda for the day?

 two round straw bales with the simley emohi painted on them

If you've answered yes to both of these - that's wonderful and welcome to the world of happiness at work. Unfortunately for many the answer is no. So what can you do about it? The organisers of Happiness at Work week say that:

"Happiness at Work should be a top priority for all companies. Because this is good for employees: when they are happy at work, they are better parents, friends, neighbors, they are more likely to give to charity and do volunteering work. Don’t we all want to have nice neighbors? Yes we do! But also because science and business have shown that happy employees have a huge advantage over unhappy ones. They are more productive, flexible, resilient, creative, make happier customers and work better with their colleagues."

Sounds wonderful doesn't it? This week, they say, is the perfect time to put the topic on the agenda of your organisation and start to make the change to a happier workplace. Look at what makes you unhappy and see if it they can be changed. Maybe build a stronger team and doing something positive might be a good start, most of the countryside and conservation organisations run corporate volunteering events. They all say the volunteering days are beneficial to all concerned boosting employee morale and motivation. Find details of volunteering organisations here.

However, when you sit and think about it, it may be that you need more than a change of attitude at work; perhaps the pandemic has made you disillusioned with what you're doing and you're dreaming of a different life altogether. In the month that the Office for National Statistics says the number of available job vacancies topped one million for the first time since records began, you might think there's no better time to make a change of career. We can well believe those numbers, CJS is busier than we can remember for a very long time with a huge range of vacancies across all sectors.

So if you're dreaming a life in the outdoors or perhaps you're already outside and want to come back into the warm! Have a look at what's available right now or to find out more about what the various jobs entail browse through the sectors information and read the job profiles already online, covering everything from Ornithological Warden to Parliamentary Officer and of course rangers too.

Make Happiness at Work. The norm, not the exception - sign up to the Happiness at Work manifesto.