An update on advertising jobs with CJS.

Many thanks for supporting CJS and continuing to post adverts with us over the past turbulent year. As things continue on a path back to normality the countryside and conservation jobs market is busier than ever and some employers are reporting reduced interest in their vacancies with fewer, although still high quality, applicants. We speculate that this is due to both the numbers of vacancies currently being advertised allowing candidates to be more selective in their applications but also the effects of the last year have undoubtedly made many people decide to stay where they are, at least for now, in a secure even if not perfect post. Having said that we'd like to remind you that CJS isn’t only for rangers and that we have a considerably wider readership than you might imagine.

Why should you advertise a non-countryside job with a countryside jobs site? Quite simply because adverts with CJS produce the best candidates.

CJS is rightfully known for recruiting for countryside posts but with over 25 years' experience we know that the countryside is a big place and it requires much more than practical countryside staff to keep everything running. Therefore, CJS has always advertised ancillary jobs and roles linked to nature, wildlife and conservation.

At the end of last year we ran a readership survey which shows that readers have a much wider range of interests than you might realise with a large proportion focusing on ecology, environmental education and, wildlife work and animal care - areas which you may not have considered falling within CJS's range.

Discounted rates for advertising roles within new sectors for CJS

Readers also requested that we expand our coverage of sustainability and energy type roles and vacancies working with rural regeneration, so we'd be happy to advertise these for you. A big surprise for us was the high proportion (41%) looking for work in fieldwork and research with 55% looking for a greater range here too to include areas such as plant pathology. As these are relatively new areas for us and we can't guarantee our usual high quality candidates, if you quote New21 when advertising we'll give you a 50% discount on these types of roles.

Quality over Quantity

CJS has never focused on providing large numbers of applications, instead we've always offered highly targeted advertising. Our readers know that we only accept adverts relevant for our sector and will refuse to accept general, non-sector specific adverts and so CJS has become the trusted countryside specialist. For advertisers we promise high quality, knowledgeable, enthusiastic candidates with a great love for the British countryside and natural world. I'm sure you'd rather be struggling to choose between 10 amazing candidates than wading through 100 average applications.

If you're looking to contact a countryside, conservation, nature, ecology, education, wildlife professional then CJS really is the place to advertise.

If you have any questions please contact us, one of the team will be happy to help.

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