When the world stopped, nature was there for us

Back in June, The Conservation Volunteers looked at the ways in which our natural environment may be impacted by COVID-19. Volunteering sessions had been suspended, yet some TCV staff still carried on maintaining and caring for the green spaces (following social distancing rules) where so many of us found solace during lockdown.

73% of TCV volunteers who took part in a survey during this period said that their value of green spaces increased during lockdown and 88% believed that green spaces will be valued by more people as a result. 

This year, nature has provided us with space to escape, space to unwind and space to reflect on the events of 2020 and will continue to do so for many years. Things that we have previously taken for granted have been restricted or suspended throughout the year, and with the ongoing climate crisis, we all must play a part in ensuring that we do not take nature and the environment for granted too.

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