CJS is pleased to renew our corporate support for NBN

CJS is pleased to renew our corporate support for NBN for another year helping to support the vital work of the network. Being a corporate supporter of NBN is a natural fit for CJS which has always aimed to make a difference and help the British countryside and conservation sectors to thrive and to support the people who work in them.

Why would publishers decide to become National Biodiversity Network supporters?
Simply because CJS has always wanted to make a difference, however small, to the sector and help those working in it.   Whilst we might not be able to feed in sightings data or use the wonderful NBN Atlas for our work, we can help increase people's awareness of the Network, highlight what data and sightings are needed and what information, advice and support is already available through the Network and the Atlas.  In this way we can assist in ensuring that those responsible for making decisions about our natural environment and its wildlife have access to the most up to date, accurate data to help guide them towards the best results and shape future policies.  It was our desire to help where we can that was one of the major factors in deciding to become corporate supporters of the National Biodiversity Network.

CJS works with many of the members organisations of the network as well as directly with NBN and over many years has advertised their jobs, promoted their information, published the latest news and reports and watched the data roll in for the many surveys, all the while quietly supporting everything the Network, and its member organisations, do and stand for.  The collaborative nature of the network partnership is something that the CJS Team understand and wish to help succeed.

The Team behind CJS may no longer be part of the boots on the ground staff but we firmly believe in supporting those who are in whatever way we can and by becoming a corporate supporter of the National Biodiversity Network we are able to make a small contribution to the important work being done to conserve our landscapes and wildlife.

An introduction to the National Biodiversity Network (NBN), the UK’s largest partnership for nature. We are pleased to tell CJS readers more about the NBN, including who is part of the Network and what it does and find out how you can become part of the network, support and help the vital work.

Read the introduction here.and visit the National Biodiversity Network website to get involved.