More Birthday Wishes from Harper Adams University

Harper Adams University Careers Service have promoted and used the Countryside Jobs Service Weekly for many years in a whole manner of ways. We promote the service and highlight the website in all our taught sessions and engagement with students. This can be part of one to one guidance sessions with students and also in larger group sessions. Feedback from students has been excellent and the opportunities advertised and written articles have proven helpful in kick starting careers once students have completed their degree courses.
Volunteering and seasonal work has also been able to enhance students CV’s and help them evidence and gain experience, all things essential for candidates competing for posts.
The Careers Service feel the Countryside Jobs Service is an essential part of our guidance tool kit and frankly we could not do without it!
Maria Simpson, Careers Service Manager, Harper Adams University      


Reminder that this month's Birthday Present is from our friends at TCV who have given us a subscription to their wonderful range of conservation handbooks.  They're all online but you can download and print copies.
Become an expert in everything from tree planting to dry stone walling, woodland management to fencing, footpaths, hedging and more.
The definitive guides to practical conservation work
TCV’s Practical Conservation Handbooks have been the definitive ‘how to’ guides to managing the countryside and green spaces for decades. Over 1,000 pages of fantastic background information, advice and instruction, written by experts, illustrated and clearly laid out in a step-by-step format.
Find out more here:
To win this subscription all you need to do is send us your name and email address (use the form here) before next Friday 5 and we'll pull the name of the lucky winner out of a hat (OK, use a random number generator but you get the gist!).