Aw cute bunnies, puppies and little kittens.

Everyone loves pictures of baby animals and of course your own pet is THE most beautiful, perfect creature that ever lived. Today celebrate that perfection on Love your Pet day.
If you follow CJS you'll know that the Office Dogs form an important part of the Team and they pop up quite often on our social media - not just because we like them but you do too, judging by the hits, likes and retweets!  What you might not be aware of is that in recent years CJS has expanded the range to include animal care in addition to wildlife work.  In the last couple of reader surveys you've asked in increasing numbers for more animal related topics and we're happy to oblige.  We don't cover veterinary work but you'll now find details of zookeeper type work and RSPCA welfare inspector vacancies in addition to conservation grazing type roles and earlier this year working at a stud farm.  We're gradually finding publications and relevant organisations to add to the roster for checking for news stories as well.