Feeling a little blue? Things feeling a little mundane? Dreaming of something different?

You’re not alone.  It's Blue Monday, the day when the Christmas cheer is but a distant memory, payday is still some way off and no doubt the credit card bills have (or are just about) to arrive.  It's cold, wet and pretty miserable and so is everyone else.  All those resolutions about not taking work home, leaving on time, spending more time with the family, eating properly and not surviving on hastily grabbed junk food are long broken and the daily job feels like one long grind.

If you're dreaming of a change of employment scenery read last November's CJS Focus on Employability.  It's full of hints, tips and how tos to help you into a new career or give you a boost to that first rung on the ladder.  Covering topics from benefits of blogging (writing for free), how to make your CV sparkle, networking and transferable skills.   Oonagh Nelson of Contract Ecology's article on interview skills has been very popular. 

Perhaps you're planning on taking the great leap into the unknown of self-employment and being your own boss for a change, if so then Richard Cromptons's article is a must read.

Until then take five minutes to look out of the window at something green, at a patch of blue sky, just breathe and allow yourself to be renewed by nature.
OK pep talk over - back to it!
(PS kettle's on! Tea? Coffee? Biscuits?)