All or Nothing Day - Part three of our articles for National Parks Week

Tattooed on Dame Judi Dench's wrist is the Latin maxim:Carpe Diem . Today's the day to do just that - not necessarily get a tattoo unless you really want to! - but to seize the day and break past your own barriers, ignore the fears holding you back and make a commitment or a change and grab with both hands that thing you've always wanted to do if only you weren't so scared.
For many people they dream of a job working outside, with animals, with nature, in the countryside but don't know where to start (try our helpful hints for some pointers) and even when they do settle on ideal career find they don't have the skills needed. To help with that career change the North York Moors National Park champion apprenticeships. They say:" From what we see, Countryside Management and more specialist degrees tend to equip graduates well academically, but one area is consistently lacking  - basic, practical farming knowledge.  The work that many of our staff do involves working with landowners and farmers.  It can be tricky to establish good working relationships and credibility without a solid understanding of agricultural practice. If we’re asking farmers/landowners to do particular things, which meet our own targets and aims, it’s helpful to know their viewpoints and aims too." Read on.