There was a bit of drizzle!!

You might have seen footage of yesterday's flash floods in Scarborough and Leeds on the national news (BBC report here.)
It didn't exactly miss us!

Pony class in the murk with a handful of observers.

But the show went on regardless, it was only a bit of water after all.

Amy said: "We arrived just as the heavens opened and I knew it wasn’t just a shower so we just got out and got wet. Sheds and tents were filled with people sheltering, other tents were closed for judging."

The mud was about 2inch deep and there were plenty of unfortunates who had small shoes on, which was entertaining.  Show veterans know wellies are essential and for smaller people full waterproof (hoseable) overalls are a good idea.
It was belting down so much we couldn’t get the camera out when it was really coming down as it would have got drenched and probably stopped working so not many pictures for you.
But the tents were nice and sort of dry-ish although photos were a bit difficult until the rain stopped and the hoards streamed back out again.
Delightful prize-winning dahlias
 Lovely day!  Roll on next year... (dry please - pretty please with a sou'wester on top)